Value Mapping

Initiative Description

Understanding what kind of value is created, destroyed and/or missed and captured is important in finding areas to innovate and improve your business and for scoping out opportunities - this is particularly important when considering the value in new technologies. The Value Mapping Tool assists in systematically assessing various forms of value in the business and its value network by adopting a multi-stakeholder perspective, through which value exchanges (financial, environmental, social etc. benefits) can be analyzed and potential stakeholder conflicts identified. It stimulates innovation and encourages stakeholder collaboration for sustainable value creation.

Training Objectives

Develop strong, sustainable value propositions for existing or new business models, assess how to respond to market disruptions or how to create sustainable disruptor behavior based upon business models and understand all the aspects.

Training Contents

Determinate the scope of the exercise – decide on the unit of analysis, Identify the purpose of the unit of analysis and its network, Mapping forms of value.

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  • This training can cover every technology as it addresses value creation and capture for manufacturing SMEs working in technology intensive products


  • Workshop


  • Face to face
  • Blended

Technology Absortion Cycle

  • Awareness: supports understand the basic functionality of the technology and its fields of application.
  • Configuration: supports the process of determining how a technology is implemented in a real manufacturing setting. It includes the creation of a business case.

Target Group

  • Directors
  • Plant Manager

Instruction Level

  • Intermediate


  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Defense
  • Education
  • Research & Development
  • Energy

Education Level

  • Bachelor


  • 10 to 20




Durations: 1-3 days,



Others, Horizon2020 - Open Innovation project (Science2Society

Countries where training is provided

United Kingdom

Cities where training is provided


Languages this training can be provided

English, German


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