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Initiative Description

The importance of information literacy of an individual nowadays shouldn't be particularly emphasized - continuous research of the portal show that over 70% of jobs published on the portal require basic computer skills and it is expected that in less than 10 years there will be only about 5% of jobs that will not require any IT literacy. At the same time, employees, primarily those working in administrative jobs, are exposed to an increasing number of work tasks for which faster (can) help them (better) knowledge of computer work. The training program is designed to provide the student with an overview of all the most important tools for working on a computer in a business environment and to prepare the student for further learning and training.

Training Objectives

- Recognizing computer-generated visualizations and apply similar principles of creation, production and post-production to other projects. - Using tools for more efficient and faster project development. - Using basic and advanced techniques when creating static and moving visualizations. - Using negotiation and communication skills in order to successfully perform the required. - Use time-saving techniques when creating moving and static visualizations. - Useing safety measures at work.

Training Contents

- Introduction to 3D design - 3Ds Max - modeling - 3Ds Max - advanced techniques and effects - Adobe Photoshop - image processing - Visualization - Creating a 3D project

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