The Value of Business Models

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Learn the value of business models and essential tools to help you develop a sound business model for sustainable success.

Training Objectives

Does your business need a make-over? Are you unsure how to start? Having an innovative business model is key for a profitable business and growth. In this business and management course, you will learn how to design, test and implement new business models for sustainable success. This course introduces you to the main topics of business model innovation. You will learn what drives business model innovation and why it is valuable to you and your business. You will apply practical tools to (re)design and test a business model. Be inspired by real-life business model examples from fellow entrepreneurs and learn from leading experts who design business model innovations. By the end of this course, you will be able to structure your thinking and communicate your business model ideas and learn how to improve your own business. This course is part of the Professional Certificate Program Business Model Innovation.

Training Contents

What a business model is. Why business models matter to your firm and the value they bring. How business model innovation improves business performance. How tooling can help you to innovate your business model.

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