Robotics & Agile Manufacturing at Manufacturing SMEs

Initiative Description

The course is dynamic and we are in a continuous process of incorporating new subjects and training objectives. The scope of the Training is to inform Manager, Head and Plant Engineers on the possibilities that robotics and agile manufacturing can create for their manufacturing process and overall business. We showcase current technology availability, new trends as well as real cases where robotics and agile manufacturing has been successfully incorporated in an SMEs manufacturing process.

Training Objectives

Obtain a general road map of Additive Manufacturing technologies, materials, applications and more. Optimize the production workflow of MJF 3D printers from HP to gain the necessary knowledge to obtain the maximum efficiency with this technology.

Training Contents

Additive manufacturing introduction, MJF HANDS ON - MJF technology review and parts' design, MJF HANDS ON - Cleaning, post-processing and quality control of printed parts.

Digital Innovation Hubs


  • Robotics
  • IoT


  • Workshops
  • Presentation
  • Webinar


  • Face to face
  • Online

Technology Absortion Cycle

  • Awareness of technology

Target Group

  • Directors
  • Plant Manager
  • Engineers

Instruction Level

  • Advanced
  • Highly Specialized


  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Defense
  • Research & Development

Education Level

  • Bachelor
  • Master
  • PhD


  • 5 to 10
  • 10 to 20



[email protected]


Durations: 1h to 4h



Sofiatech, Scuola Politecnica e Delle Scienze di Base, ETF, Transilvania DIH, PIAP, LTrobotics DIH, Ventspils High Technology Park - 1, IMECC, Chalmers, Brains Business, Digital Hub Logistics, Sirris, RoboValley

Countries where training is provided


Cities where training is provided

Languages this training can be provided

English, Greek


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