Printed Electronics Methods and Applications

Initiative Description

In this course you will learn different manufacturing methods of printed electronics in a more practical approach.

Training Objectives

After studying the course: - The student learns the basics of various types of printing processes, their possibilities and their constraints. - The student will be able to evaluate the suitability of printing techniques for manufacturing and understand printing technology’s integration into various types of processes, and is able to self-study more deeply the theory and processes of that area. - The student understands the potential of production processes and is able to perceive the use of technology in the light of applications. - The student receives knowledge about the design of printed intelligence structures. - The student knows the physical tools needed in design and implementation of printed intelligence and also in other purposes. - The student will be able to visualize the future applications of printed intelligence. - The student has the necessary knowledge and skills for laboratory work: occupational safety, materials, electrical measurements, microscopy, electrochemical measurements, environmental conditions, surface profile and quality analysis. - The student is able to combine the basics of his learning into practice.

Training Contents

Printing processes and methods. Characterization methods. Printed electronics applications.

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