Non-linear Modeling

Initiative Description

Theoretical understanding of non-linear Finite Element Modeling and its application to practical engineering problems.

Training Objectives

Computational methods in structural analysis are of prime importance in industry as tools to assess the performance of structures in the field of aerospace, mechanical, civil, and biomedical engineering. To design structures safely, engineers need to be able to predict their performance limits which often entails answering questions such as: when would damage appear? How much plastic deformation would there be? Where and how far would the crack grow? What are the structural responses after bucking? These questions go beyond the scope of linear elastic theories and linear modeling methods. This course builds on the first course linear modeling and takes one step further. It delivers the skillsets in non-linear structural modeling & analysis using the non-linear Finite Element Method (FEM). The weekly lectures and practical sessions impart both theoretical knowledge on non-linear FEM and practical experience with the modeling pipeline of commercial FE software. There will be optional online hangout sessions for the discussion of theories, exercises, assignments, etc. Professionals in many engineering sectors working on material & structural simulations will benefit from adding non-linear FEM to their skills array.

Training Contents

Understand and explain the theories of non-linear FEM, and use them to perform analytical work; apply non-linear FEM to solve practical non-linear structural problems; identify and employ efficient modelling techniques.

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Date: Starts 13 February 2023

Durations: +7 days

Price: €750


Delft University of Technology

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