Linear Modeling (including FEM)

Initiative Description

Theoretical understanding of linear Finite Element Modeling (FEM) and its application to practical engineering problems.

Training Objectives

This course delivers the skillset in linear or structural modeling that is required to solve structural problems from which you can develop finite element (FE) models for practical applications. It also teaches how results can be correctly interpreted. The course introduces you to the theory behind FE software and offers you practical experience in using FE software. The course uses a commercially available FE package (access provided for the duration of the course ) in a series of weekly practical sessions where models are constructed for sample problems and results are verified against simplified analytical models or open literature. The majority of professionals in many branches of mechanical engineering will benefit from adding finite element method (FEM) to their skills array. The ability to develop modeling skills, based on a solid theoretical foundation, under supervision in a non-critical environment will allow you to acquire new skills and techniques in a logical and progressive manner. The main topics of this course: finite element method, linear static analysis, finite element type formulation, finite element model setup using commercial software, plane stress/strain.

Training Contents

Strong theoretical understanding of FEM; Application of FEM to practical engineering problems; Efficient modeling techniques; Understanding the importance of verification and validation. Practicals and assignments are done using Abaqus (for which you will obtain a student license for the duration of the course). Note that TU Delft can offer you only a student license of Abaqus, which is sufficient to complete the course. After finishing this course, or if you have sufficient experience with stress/structural analysis, you may choose to take the second course non-linear modeling.

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