Introduction to Screen Printing Technology for Printed Electronic Manufacturing

Initiative Description

This intensive training gives basic knowledge of Printed Electronics and practical Hands-On training to Screen Printing Technology for Printed Electronic Manufacturing. Training will introduce you to the advancements and challenges of using Printed Electronics techniques and Screen Printing to create simple electronic structures. In the first part of the training attendees will learn the basics of printed electronics and material technology. 2nd part is dedicated to laboratory work. Attendees´ will get their hands dirty on the real Screen Printing device and learn how to develop and print new products utilizing Screen Printing technology.

Training Objectives

- The attendee will have the basic knowledge of Printed Electronics - The attendee will have basic ability to use Screen Printing technology for Printed Electronic manufacturing with the flat-bed screen printer. - The attendee learns the basics of Screen Printing as a technology, gets an overview on material techniques in Screen printing, screen printing design rules, substrates, inks and production process.

Training Contents

Theory 4 h: Introduction to Printed Electronics, Basics in Screen Printing technology, Basic material techniques in Screen Printing technology Practice 6 h: of Hands-On laboratory work with Screen Printing Technology and basic measurements (lab work in study-groups)

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  • Lecture
  • Practical sessions in lab


  • Face to face

Technology Absortion Cycle

  • Awareness of technology
  • Configuration

Target Group

  • Engineers
  • Operators

Instruction Level

  • Intermediate


  • Others:

Education Level

  • Bachelor


  • 10 to 20



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Date: On demand

Durations: 1-3 days

Price: 350 € / person



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Languages this training can be provided

English, Finnish


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