Hello (Real) World with ROS – Robot Operating System

Initiative Description

Learn the fundamentals of ROS, Robot Operating System, to create advanced robotic systems.

Training Objectives

Are you interested in taking your first steps in robotics? Do you seek a practical approach and want to learn by doing? Join our course and learn how to program a complete real-world robotic system with ROS! The Robot Operating System (ROS) enables you to quickly build robotic applications through access to a large set of open-source software and tools. Over the years, ROS has become the essential tool for roboticists. A large community surrounds ROS and there has been extensive input from industrial users in the development of these tools. Many of the new advanced robot capabilities for manipulation, perception, and navigation have been developed using ROS. Companies such as Airbus and Boeing are using ROS for several of their applications. And we at Delft University of Technology won the Amazon Robotics Challenge 2016 with a robotic system developed with ROS. In this course, you will learn to use different ROS tools to create a complete robotic application. You will be working with your own standalone Ubuntu-Linux installation and with industrial and mobile robots on the physics-based simulation engine, Gazebo. You will learn to program and configure basic robotic tasks such as pick-and-place objects, and navigate through obstacles. You will then integrate all this knowledge to build an industrial production line with two robotic arms and a mobile robot. Are you ready to make your robot say "Hello" to the (real) world with ROS?

Training Contents

How to use ROS communication tools (topics, services, actions) to exchange information between functional modules. Visualization and creation of a custom environment with a robot. Mapping of the robot environment and navigation with a mobile robot. How to implement a pick-and-place function with industrial robot arms. Design of a complete robotic application with state machines.

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Date: Starts 22 February 2023

Durations: +7 days

Price: Free | Earn certificate for $139


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