APPS #4: Resource Optimization

Initiative Description

Resource optimization package aims at optimizing the use of resources in terms of energy, resources, waste, through a data analytics tool that creates optimal solutions to minimize consumption. RAMP usage will guarantee real-time data visualization and time/effort resource optimization.

Training Objectives

Business Process Optimization Process Optimization Apache Superset app

Training Contents

Business Process Optimization The Business Process Optimization (BPO) module determines an optimized solution to the optimized motion task sequencing problem. BPO is focused on actions that have to be executed by factory floor agents, meaning any logistic entity (e.g., humans, AGVs, etc.), to carry out logistics motion tasks. Business Process Optimization User Manual Process Optimization The objective of Process Optimisation is to perform process quality and efficiency optimisation using nonlinear model predictive control. The system learns the dynamics of the production process, and then it can predict the process output quality metrics given the current values for the control parameters. Process Optimization Process Optimization User Manual Apache Superset app Apache Superset is an open-source, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application allowing users to explore and visualize their data. Creating Your First Dashboard Exploring Data in Superset

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  • Ocupational Studies
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