APPS #3: Cognitive HRI

Initiative Description

The cognitive HRI module supports Human Machine Collaboration (HMC) aiming at combining human flexibility with repeatability of automated factory entities, such as cobots, for improving working conditions while pursuing better performances.

Training Objectives

Pose Recognition and Correction Fatigue Monitoring System Intervention Manager

Training Contents

Pose Recognition and Correction Pose Recognition and Correction (PRaC) is a module that estimates the worker’s pose, performs ergonomic analysis and computes an ergonomic score based on camera images of the workers. By applying image processing algorithms to visual data this solution computes certain postures key figures, like the angles between arms and upper body, indicating the physical stress level of the observed working situation. Pose Recognition and Correction User Manual Fatigue Monitoring System The Fatigue Monitoring System (FaMS) component detects possible psychological (e.g., loss of attention, mental fatigue) or physical (e.g., tiredness) discomfort or harmful situations for a worker. The situations identified by this component can be targeted by a short term intervention, which is an intervention that can be triggered and executed to support a specific worker during the current working shift. Fatigue Monitoring System Manual Sensing Layer App Intervention Manager The Intervention Manager (IM) component allows users to easily define intervention rules to orchestrate a production system. The component monitors the status of the worker-factory ecosystem in real-time, by elaborating data from sensors, machines, workers monitoring systems, ERP, and more. The set of intervention rules are known to the IM, which decides which is the best one to trigger. Fatigue Monitoring System and Intervention Manager Intervention Manager Manual

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