APPS #1: Logistics and automation library

Initiative Description

The Logistics automation and optimization module optimizes routes, agents, and material flows in production.

Training Objectives

Logistics Library The objective of the Logistics library is to provide an easily deployable suite of applications for the rapid development of complete logistics solutions, including components for task scheduling, path planning, automatic factory layout generation and navigation.

Training Contents

- Logistics Library Workshop - OPIL Introduction Person Detection & Tracking The Person Detection & Tracking system is intended to monitor the shared spaces between humans and robots, as it allows to detect people and track them using stereo pairs, obtaining the pose of each person detected in the navigation map. - Tracking of workers in shared space - Person detection tracking - Person Detection & Tracking Manual Agent Optimization The objective of the Agent Optimization package is to compute the optimal number of agents (AGVs, humans, etc.) for material transport. - Agent Optimization - Agent Optimisation Manual - Temporal Heatmap of Human Occupancy - The objective of the package is to create the temporal heatmaps that show for each square meter, and each one hour of each workday, the rate of human occupancy. - Temporal Heatmap generator - Temporal Heatmap of Human Occupancy User Manual Real-Time Locating System - Positional Data Acquisition - OPIL Installation - OPIL Modules - Logistics and automation library Manual

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