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Workshops: 3D modulation and printing in 90 minutes e INDUSTRIES of the FUTURE: IoT impacto and 3D Printing

Learn 3D modelation and printing in 90 minutes; Impact of IoT and 3D printing
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Website Technology: Robotics
Project: PTCentroDiH
Durations: 4h to 8h

X-industry hackathon

X-industry Hackathon is a practical on-site event that brings IT and other industries together so they can collaborate and increase their business intelligence. The format is simple: an industry company presents its business challenge, and an IT company looks for a solution according to its competences. This collaboration is to create new digital products and foster the growth of the companies.
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Website Technology: SM/DT
Durations: Others

XS2I4MS CSA – Mentoring programme | 2015 – 2018

The Mentoring Programme was at the core of the XS2I4MS CSA (2015 - 2018). The program supported 29 projects and the larger I4MS community with training on how to further develop their Digital Innovation Hub (DIH). The XS2I4MS (Access to I4MS) project was a Coordination Support Actions to advance the I4MS ecosystem and expand its coverage in Europe. The project run from September 2015 to February 2018 and received funding from the European Commission. The project was led by TNO, in cooperation with Fraunhofer, VTT, the Manufacturing Technology Centre, and Brainport Development. T
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Website Technology: Others
Durations: 1-3 days