Manufacturing Industry Digital Innovation Hubs

The MIDIH (Manufacturing Industry Digital Innovation Hubs) project had a threefold objective:

  • to define, harmonize and coordinate DIHs and CCs added valued services for SMEs in the domain of CPS and IoT. Different typologies of DIHs and CCs would share the same methodology, the same IT platform and the same business and revenue models, although with very different aims and structure (technology-driven, innovation-driven, regional, national, pan-EU).
  • to develop a blended data-driven reference architecture for connected factories, defining a set of reference implementations per CPS/IOT industrial domain. Such opened source reference implementations would encompass components coming from FIWARE for INDUSTRY, openIOT, Industrial Data Space and Arrowhead / Productive 4.0 initiatives and focusing on critical technical aspects such as wireless and wired industrial networks (e.g. 5G), edge computing and cloud manufacturing, cybersecurity and confidentiality, Industrial IOT and Industrial Analytics.
  • to conduct experiments in realistic industrial settings, some of them provided by leading edge manufacturing industries, some others by didactic learned factories, some more coming from two sessions of Open Calls, especially devoted to SMEs, start-ups and web entrepreneurs.

  • November 12, 2020

More Information

Financial support offered to SMEs:1.920.000 Other support offered to SMEs: SMEs will be supported by the involved DIHs and CCs during the project, in particular the ones selected in the Open Calls through access to technology, training, finance, market and competencies. Open calls information: The project launched during its lifetime 2 Open Calls, the first at M6 and the other one at M22.

Project Details