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Factories of the Future Resources, Technology, Infrastructure and Services for Simulation and Modelling

The principal objective of Fortissimo is to enable European manufacturing, particularly small to medium enterprises (SMEs), to benefit from the increased efficiency and competitive advantage inherent in the use of simulation. However, the simulation of, for example, high-pressure gas cylinders, the moulding of plastics or the thermodynamic properties of hazardous materials requires enormous computing power and specialised software tools and services. Generally, large companies, which have a greater pool of skills and resources, find access to advanced simulation easier than SMEs which can neither afford expensive High Performance Computing equipment nor the licensing cost for the relevant tools. This means that SMEs are not able to take advantage of advanced simulation, even though it can clearly make them more competitive. The goal of Fortissimo is to overcome this impasse through the provision of simulation services running on a cloud infrastructure exploiting High Performance Computing systems and making appropriate skills and tools available in a distributed, internet-based environment.

  • November 12, 2020

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The overall objective of Fortissimo is to enable European industry to be more competitive globally, through the use of simulation services running on an HPC-based cloud infrastructure. Fortissimo will achieve this objective by realising the goals of:
  • Making advanced simulation accessible to industrial users, particularly SMEs, through the creation of a “one-stop shop” where infrastructure, expertise, applications and visualisation and other tools are easily available and affordable.
  • Creating and demonstrating a sustainable infrastructure where actors at all levels in the value chain can realise sufficient commercial benefit to enable that infrastructure to persist independently of EU funding.
Fortissimo will be driven by end-user requirements where (~50) business-relevant application experiments will be used to develop, test and demonstrate both the infrastructure and the “one-stop pay-per-use shop”. The project participants represent all actors in the value chain. Not only will Fortissimo contribute to the increased competitiveness of European manufacturing industry through the innovative infrastructure that it will develop and test, but it will also create commercial opportunities for European Independent Software Vendors and for service and High Performance Computing infrastructure providers, through the creation of a new market for their products and services. Fortissimo places considerable emphasis on the exploitation of opportunities at all levels of the value chain ranging from the end-user to the providers of High Performance Computing infrastructure.  

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