FOLD – Modular Cobot for production of Stone Paper Innovative Products


Europack is a Bulgarian SME that has developed and patented a new type of wicket bag from paper made out of stone, called Stone paper. Stone Paper – paper made from CaCO3, is an ecological and recyclable product with characteristics like resistance to water, acids, moth and insects. The qualities of this product brought the idea to start producing grow tubes for protection of young vines and trees from this material.

Europack Bulgaria uses Stone Paper for its products. This paper is made from CaCO3 (limestone), an ecological and recyclable product which is resistant to water, acids, moth and insects. These material qualities brought the idea to produce grow tubes for protection of young vines and trees.

  • September 29, 2022

More Information

Stone Paper grow tubes are sold on the Bulgarian Market, in very limited quantities, after a handmade, labour-intensive production process that decreases the competitiveness of the product and avoids quick replacement of plastic based waste in the agro field, as well as in other commonly plastic-based markets such as packaging. In this experiment, Europack will be working with artist Isaac Monte B.V (The Netherlands), and technical partner Oviso Robotics SRL (Romania). Isaac Monte B.V‘s work combines technology, art and science, showing how art can contribute to a strategy of sustainable development. Since 2015 he has been combining waste streams such as overdue foods with new, promising technologies in synthetic biology. Oviso Robotics SRL is a leading provider of bespoke robotic, automation solutions and applications within a wide range of industries. With over 10 years experience in industrial robotics, their team is focused on tomorrow’s technological challenges, constantly developing solutions with a high degree of flexibility, versatility and adaptability ready for industry 4.0.

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