DIGITbrain H2020 Innovation Action to Enable SMEs to Benefit From Digital Twins

The project is an EU innovation program to give SMEs easy access to digital twin technology. The Digital Brain will constitute an evolution of the concept of digital twin, expanding it to a smart entity, by empowering it with analysis and decision support capabilities, allowing the agile adaptation and evolution of industrial products.

The integration of simulation tools, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence mechanisms will boost the operation and performance of the Digital Brain, bringing an innovative solution to rapidly and efficiently model digital twins, while the integration of the Digital Brain into the CloudiFacturing Digital Agora will provide a standards-based ecosystem on which digital twin models can be deployed, executed, and exploited. This will represent a revolutionary breakthrough for the digital twin market, enabling the democratisation of the digital twin use and a shift toward the use of the Digital Brain.

  • November 30, 2020

More Information

The ambition of the DIGITbrain project is centred around two areas that will enable innovative use cases. On the one hand, the project realises an ambitious technological vision by developing the Digital Brain concept and its enabling technologies. On the other hand, it assures that these technological advances are taken up by a critical mass in the manufacturing sector, especially by SMEs and mid-caps, resulting in the smart business model Manufacturing as a Service, facilitated by a network of interconnected Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs). Finally, the technology and business centred ambitions are enabling innovative use cases to be co-created and implemented in over 20 application experiments (14 of them to be funded in two Open Calls).

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