Prof. Dr. André Stork,

Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics ([email protected]).

Cloudification of Production Engineering for Predictive Digital Manufacturing

Project CloudiFacturing (Cloudification of Production Engineering for Predictive Digital Manufacturing) was launched in 2017 to help manufacturing SMEs become more competitive by providing them with cloud and HPC-based modelling and simulation tools, leveraging online factory data and advanced data analytics, that would enable them to improve product quality, reduce development time, enhance asset performance or improved maintenance. (Read more about CloudiFacturing’s use cases…) The project goal was to create a Digital Marketplace that would enable a uniform, standardized way to provide access to ICT solutions (CAx, Data analytics, simulations, AI etc.) on-demand (SaaS), in a reliable and secure cloud/HPC environment.

CloudiFacturing project builds on the results of two Innovation Actions from I4MS phase 2 – CloudFlow and cloudSME – whose core partners joined forces to build the CloudiFacturing solution. By leveraging factory data with cloud-based engineering tools, the project aimed to a) Pave the way toward manufacturing analytics; b) Enrich the manufacturing engineering process with online data, and c) Simulate and optimize the production process with the vision to support it in real-time.



  • November 9, 2020

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To validate the CloudiFacturing solution, 21 cross-border application experiments have been conducted in three waves. The experiments enabled the realistic assessment of technical conditions and requirements, which was used as one of the bases for the development of the main technical components. 14 of the experiments have been added in two open calls which were targeting at manufacturers (bringing in the use case) on the one hand and technology providers, research organizations, High Performance Computing providers or Digital Innovation Hubs on the other, that could help solve the manufacturer's problem.   CloudiFacturing’s outcome: emGORA workspace (ews) A team consisting of both projects’ core partners developed the emGORA workspace (ews), a secure environment, to publish, get to know, evaluate, and test new technologies in the realm of manufacturing engineering offered based on pay-per-use or subscription business models. This will provide maximum flexibility for users without the need of high upfront investments.   Test before Invest The emGORA workspace combines an easy access marketplace for apps, training and consultancy services as well as a community area facilitating network interactions and gathering collective know-how. While the marketplace focuses on the privacy compliant and secure delivery of advanced software tools executed on distributed cloud/HPC resources in Europe, emGORA community offers the perfect conditions for cross-disciplinary matchmaking, collaboration and consultation. The vision is to establish a safe digital platform offering low-threshold and needs-based access to cloud infrastructures, advanced software tools and business opportunities for technology experts, - providers and manufacturers. DIHs to benefit from ews Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) are an essential part of the emGORA community, providing their know-how and benefit from offering the emGORA marketplace as a digitization tool for their clients and their region. Also, ews will act as a commercialization hub for other Innovation Actions’ results, such as DIGITbrain or CO-VERSATILE project. The project collaboration with other innovation actions will also provide the opportunity to enlarge the network of DIHs.    

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