XS2I4MS CSA – Mentoring programme | 2015 – 2018

What was the Mentoring Programme?

The Mentoring Programme was at the core of the XS2I4MS CSA (2015 – 2018). The program supported 29 projects and the larger I4MS community with training on how to further develop their Digital Innovation Hub (DIH). The XS2I4MS (Access to I4MS) project was a Coordination Support Actions to advance the I4MS ecosystem and expand its coverage in Europe.

The project run from September 2015 to February 2018 and received funding from the European Commission. The project was led by TNO, in cooperation with Fraunhofer, VTT, the Manufacturing Technology Centre, and Brainport Development.

The Mentoring Programme focused on six key non-technological issues, namely:

  • Ecosystem assessment
  • Business models for DIHs
  • Building a Business Plan
  • Brokerage for innovation
  • Use cases
  • Access to finance

As part of the mentoring, XS2I4MS provided webinars, extensive background information and templates. All these materials were made available online for all interested parties. You can still find all these materials in the following pages:

  1. Business plan
  2. Access to finance
  3. Summer school
  4. Webinar’s archive

A Summer School to kick off the mentoring and coaching activities for the selected Digital Innovation Hub projects was held at the Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC) in Coventry from 21-23 September 2016. The materials presented at the Summer School are available below:

  • Summer School 2016-Introduction and Programme
  • MTC and Intellectual Property
  • MOE-Engaging SMEs (minus Videos)
  • XS2I4MS-SummerSchool-roles-DIH-2016-0907.pptx
  • XS2I4MS-SummerSchool-Pioneer-projects-2016-0914_STIMULI_Catalan-Hub_v1.pptx
  • XS2I4MS-SummerSchool-Parallel-sessions.pptx
  • XS2I4MS-SummerSchool-defining-DIHs-2016-0920.pptx
  • world-cafe-documentation
  • WorkplanOutline
  • ReconCell_outline
  • ObjectivesSession
  • MTC-X2I4MS-Presentation-230916
  • Microsoft-PowerPoint-XS2I4MS-Mentoring-programme-2016-09-2323-STD-HUBS.pptx
  • Microsoft-PowerPoint-XS2I4MS-Mentoring-programme-2016-09-2323-STD-Fortissimo.pptx
  • pptx
  • I4MS-Summer-school-introduction-overview_TNO.pptx
  • I4MS-Summer-school-finance-2016-0922.pptx
  • HORSE_outline
  • FhG-Ecosystem-assessment
  • DIH-session_Coventry-by-Markus-Korn.pptx
  • ContractualIssues
  • Brokerage-presentation-2016-09-22.pptx
  • Brokerage-handouts-2016-09-22.pptx
  • 20160921_I4MS-Summer_School-Poznań-FINAL.pptx
  • 2016-03-22-i4ms-Horse-competence-centres-1

Here you can find all the files and videos of the Webinars created during the Mentoring Programme: