Wölfel’s Active Vibration Reducer

The trend in industry towards lightweight structures and time reduction in the manufacturing processes has many advantages but also suffers from some drawbacks. One of these drawbacks is the presence of undesired vibrations that can lead to longer manufacturing times, machine tool breaks and noise problems.

The product named Active Vibration Reducer, AVR, is developed as an independent solution to reduce vibrations in structures by simply attaching the device to them. With the use of this integrated sensor-actuator device, the vibrations produced in the region close to the device are significantly attenuated. In the manufacturing of large workpieces, for example, there are regions where the vibrations produced by the drilling process are remarkable, and can lead to imperfections in the manufacturing process, product quality, break of drilling tools and/or delays in the process. With the AVR-system the operator has the possibility to place one of these independent devices in those critical regions, and therefore, either to operate the machine at a higher speed, or reduce the polishing of imperfection processes. Wölfel’s AVR system can be modified to integrate different actuators that can produce higher forces, and therefore able to reduce even higher vibration amplitudes, and used for different applications and goals. An evolution of this product is being used in the control of vibrations of wind energy plants. Wölfel is prepared to develop the AVR system and bring it to market with respect to all requirements concerning times, costs and quality.




Intelligent Fixtures

Intelligent fixtures

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