VISEAM drives the idea of vibration sensor cases that are done by additive manufacturing for use cases where individual shape and fixing is needed.

The challenge is to

  • Manufacture casing for vibration sensor used in Machines Prognostics’ health monitoring system, Foresight, by means of powder bed fusion/selective laser melting
    • Today the casing is machined (time consuming) and needs redesign for AM
    • New design must maintain integrity and stiffness to carry vibrations efficiently
  • The aim of the experiment is to
    • Redesign casing for AM (SLM)
    • Set up and verify complete manufacturing process including post processing
    • Reduce manufacturing cost for the casing by at least 30 %


  • Enable local manufacturing of casing and assembly of vibration sensor
    • Shorter lead time, lower transportation cost and reduced environmental footprint
  • Enable serial/batch production with a minimum of manual labour
    • Lower manufacturing cost
  • Set up scalable manufacturing process which adapt to market situation
    • Flexibility, consistent quality and short lead time

Business case (maritime/offshore industry):

  • Machine Prognostics is currently working with key customers like MacGregor, MHWirth, Scanmudring, Umoe Mandal and Bosch Rexroth with several systems installed
  • Goal is to have more than 200 systems installed by 2022 and 2500 systems by 2026
  • Each system consist of 5-15 vibration sensors


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