Tool manufacturing optimisation

This experiment involves the in-depth study and dynamic analysis of manufacturing processes in a toolmaking SME using SIMUL8 Corporation’s simulation software from the Cloud. SIMUL8 is able to run many scenarios of different order types and manufacturing process configurations to provide the optimal vision for the best process efficiency.


– Capital Investment Planning – providing the company with a vision for the optimal investments for improving efficiency, throughput and capacity to take on larger orders.

– Production Planning and optimisation – a vision through cloud-based simulation for the best use of all production resources (staff, machines, and designing).

– Vision to show large customers that the company has the Process Capability to undertake new orders.

Each at an affordable price for the Simulation software via the Cloud.



Cutting Tools Ltd. (CTOOLS) is a traditional company that had not used simulation before and with its participation in CloudSME it would like to investigate the possibilities of Cloud-based simulation services, offering the potential of affordable simulation providing a vision for manufacturing process management and planning.

Cutting Tools ( is a manufacturing SME and is a flat-bed tool maker for industry, and provides cutting services for customers. These tools are produced for customers who then use them to perform precision cutting tasks. Customers come from a whole range of industries from automotive, aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical, printing, to shoe making and packaging industries.
Cutting Tools costs are very high with regard to raw materials such as steel cutting blades and plywood bases for the tool products.


The objectives of Cutting tools in CloudSME are focused on enhance business process management (reduce material costs, study operations, machinery for replacing equipment and eliminating redundancies and waste, study blockages and bottlenecks, improve the workflow ).



Information source:


Cutting Tools; Simul8 Corporation; Saker Solutions

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