Anomaly Detection, Modeling And Adaptive Control Of Textile Dyeing Temperature Control Phases (TEXAMAC)

Textile dyeing is the one of the main processes in textile sector. Textile dyeing process is a batch process and each factory has around 40 dyeing machines. The temperature control of the dye liquid in textile dyeing machine is a phase of textile dyeing process which takes about 70% of dyeing duration. Correct and optimal temperature control is inevitable for quality of desired color and decreasing color repairs which results in savings in steam, energy, water, chemical and dye usage. Our aim optimising temperature control of the machines by means of finding anomalies, creating digital twin of the temperature control phase and implemending adaptive control algorithms based on PI control.


Information source: Digitbrain


Eliar Elektronik Sanayii Anonim Sirketi (Turkey), Mayteks Orme Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi (Turkey), Innomine DIH (Hungary)




Textile dyeing process, Digital Twin