TEETO – Compact sub nanosecond laser source for thin film processing


TEETO is developing laser-based equipment for processing of thin films with a sub-nanosecond laser source. One of its main goals is to provide a price competitive long-term stable laser source. As a result, productivity can be enhanced based on an increase of 30% in average power. The assessment also focuses on implementing a top hat energy distribution for thin film processing.


TEETO aims to introduce new laser sources into the market of equipment manufacturers and users for the production of organic photovoltaics or organic LED’s (OLED). The challenge of achieving a top hat distribution of the energy is also a unique selling point. This entirely new technology will reach the new markets because of:

  • The integration work provided by Alphanov during LASHARE will open the opportunity to test and implement alternative processing strategies.
  • The process information gathered during this project will help the commercial prospection.
  • Sub-ns microchip technology which will be able to spread best after the initial penetration enabled by this project.

Laser patterning with top-hat distribution would bring a lot of benefits, thanks to its flexibility and precision. Moreover, it is a one step process, which can easily be integrated in a roll-to-roll application. With the new equipment, MICEL will be able to provide ready to use indium tin oxide structures on film substrates to its customers at short lead times.






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