Table Olives Fermentation control through Internet of Things technologies

Table Olives Fermentation control through Internet of Things technologies

 Greece, Region of Western Greece, Region of Attica

Hellenic FIWARE iHub

Experiment objective

TOFIoT offers a digital solution for monitoring quality control of table olives’ fermentation targeting small to large-scale manufacturers. It exploits IoT technology to measure biometric conditions within table olives’ fermentation tanks simplifying and modernizing the process. Considerable optimizations in labor efficiency are achieved since much less manual samples are needed.

Also, the tool provides unprecedented volume of data for process transparency and serves novel business models. Outsourced quality control experts can now scale their food technology business in non-proximate regions by maintaining their labor resources’ productivity. Additionally, fermentation will be assessed based on scientific tools in contrast to the usually encountered “do-it-yourself” tools, ancient or local experimental formulas.

To add, accuracy in data reporting is ensured through the envisioned software features of the solution. TOFIoT automates data entries and replaces errors that hinder an accurate data life cycle upstream when reported in paper. Last, a standardized RESTful API (GS1-compliant) integrates them to the manufacturer’s/ stakeholder’s traceability platform and meet the gradually stricter policies of the big retailers.


Implementation Solution

TOFIoT replaces the manual samples taken either from accredited outsourced food technologists or manufacturer employees. These may be delayed or inaccurate causing production losses, they require physical activities imposing risks to personnel safety and cannot be consistently and easily documented so that fermentation process is traceable. Last, data analytics enable on-time addition of acids while final product deliveries will be synchronized with demand and existing planning systems.

Tanks, counted from decades to hundreds, are usually 2,5m height with a 3m diameter and they are usually located in rural areas. Thus, technicians and quality experts have to travel by car, use a ladder, climb won the top and take samples from every tank or use (Do-It-Yourself) handheld devices to measure and document the pH and salinity levels. TOFIoT will deploy more than 30 sensors to remotely monitor the fermentation conditions within at least 15 tanks in a safe, reliable and digital way. In this case, sensors will transfer their measurements to the attached IoT node and the node will wirelessly transfer them either to the network’s gateway (6LoWPAN version) or directly on Cloud (NBIoT version).

TOFIoT partners have the complementary expertise to make this digital solution a success in EU table olive sector.


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