Requirements For Personalized Sport Helmets


Safety Test And Industrialization Requirements For Personalized Sport Helmets

STIRPSH strives to realise the manufacturing of personalised helmets with individual shape and protection at market prices and to standards. The challenge is to design and test a sport helmet produced in AM that performs equal or better than the current solution. On this journey, certification to safety and quality standards is an underlying requirement.

The aim of the experiment is to

  • certify AM produce sport helmets
  • personalize sport helmets using AM
  • identify industrial manufacturing equipment

The people from the STIRPSH experiment have now started to derive a software package that enables the creation of structures in 3D. A key feature of this software package is the design to function feature. Based on such feature definitions, the software will accept loads and suggest structures accordingly.

Features that can be addressed:

  • mechanical static loads
  • dynamic forces on the part
  • deformation limits
  • material
  • printing process

An easy workflow allows desginers to create light and robust products with this software product.

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