Idea75’s challenge is to develop and apply an innovative supervisor system for Zero-Defect Manufacturing and energy efficiency to a production plant of polyphenolic extracts where environmental factors and process machine configuration heavily influence the quality of the final product and the compliance range of the finished product is very tight.

SPS (Smart Polyphenol manufacturing Supervisor) combines CPS and IoT technologies to reach the zero-defect manufacturing and energy efficiency goals on a polyphenolic extraction plant. It is an advanced system for the product quality prediction and assessment that monitors the manufacturing process, detects quality drifts and defects, and reacts with automatic adjustment on machinery setups and online decision support to the human operator.

The use of SPS brings many benefits to the company: reduction of production defects and scraps, improvement of plant’s energy efficiency, better control over the production line. The expectation is to reduce the quantity of discarded product by 20% and the amount of consumed energy by 10%.

This experiment has been supported under the second open call of BEinCPPS project.




Energy, IoT