Challenge: Currently, manufacturing operations in BAZIGOS’ shop-floor start with receiving the raw material in the form of metal plates
which are stored in wooden pallets in the storage area of the factory. Each one of the metal parts are characterized by specific properties such as different weight and dimension and of course they may be intended to be used for different projects and customers of BAZIGOS. Thus, the metal parts are transferred from one machine to another in order for different processes to take place.

Solution: The proposed solution will investigate the use of autonomous intra-logistics regarding the delivery of mentioned metal parts at the right time and place within the shopfloor of BAZIGOS. For this purpose, self-adaptive AGVs will be used in order to decrease the use o physical barriers and optimize the exploitation of human operator’s capabilities. The human operators working in the areas of the available machines will be able to safely interact with the AGVs and request specific parts to be delivered through interactive devices like tablets or mobile phones.

Implementation time: 8 months. 

Implementation time: 146.000€.

Output: Saving space in the shop floor, enhanced automation and cost reduction in production. 

Impact: Space saving in the shop floor – 20% compared to current production cells; automation level in non-value-added operations such as heavy parts delivery, intra-logistics automation, etc. – 70% compared to semiautomated or manual processes; labour and ergonomics related costs reduction – 70% compared to current production lines; reduce time for providing information to human operator through
interfaces (e.g. tablets) – 65% compared to current practice (e.g.paper  forms for intra-logistics).

Information source: L4MS


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