Smart tool, a fully autonomous injection mold

The BEinCPPS experiment for Pernoud Company is based on tree pillars. The first pillar is following the evolution of injection machines which evolve from hydraulic to electric. That means that hydraulic movements in mold have to evolve to electric too.

The second one is to acquire data from inside the mold. The mold today is almost a black box and we want to know what happened inside. So different sensors (temperature, pressure, stress…) will be used and the data produced will be analyzed for detecting deviations and launching alerts when it is needed. All data will be stored on a cloud and the values of all sensors will be visible everywhere in the world. This data will also allow understanding issue on the mold (design issue or bad handling from the client) and avoid taking in guarantee something which is due to non-respect of mold term of use.

The last pillar is the long term analysis of all data acquired. This long term analysis will allow us to detect in advance any issue and avoid it.

Main objectives of the Experiment

  1. Reduce the Energy consumption
  2. Optimize the Overall Effectiveness Equipment (reduce scrap rate, reduce maintenance phases…)
  3. Increase  flexibility for mold design
  4. Reduce guarantee cost

Main results expected to achieve in the Experiment

Main result expected is to manufacture a demonstrator of the smart tool. This demonstrator will allow us to show to our clients how to optimize easily their cost, quality and delay for their production and our capacities to replace hydraulic actuators by electric ones.




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