SIMUL8 by SIMUL8 Corporation

SIMUL8 by SIMUL8 Corporation


The modelling and simulation of process-based systems is complex and needs specialist software. This simulation software usually consists of some form of visual modelling tool that is used both to create interactively a model of a given system and to visualise the simulation of the model, a simulation tool to simulate the model, a typically sophisticated experimentation manager that is used to support statistically correct experimentation, and some form of results generator to bring together experimentation results. In many cases these elements are integrated into the same Commercial-off-the-shelf Simulation Package (CSP).


The SIMUL8 Corporation produces such as CSP called SIMUL8. SIMUL8 Corp sells and supports the CSP SIMUL8 as well as offering consultancy that delivers solutions to industry with modelling and simulation. SIMUL8 Corp is an industry leader and innovator and has been the first to offer key advances in M&S in terms of methodology support software, online simulation and basic distributed computing. The translation of SIMUL8 to a cloud basis is attractive for many reasons. SIMUL8 Corporation offers some elements that could be considered cloud-relevant (e.g. online model storage/access/simulation, LAN-based parallel computing to support replication execution,etc.). However, a move to a cloud basis could off the following in an integrated manner:


  • Remote model storage
  • Remote simulation of models without animation
  • Remote simulation of models with 2D animation/3D visualisation
  • Remote building/editing of models
  • Remote storage/interoperability of data sources in a variety of forms (spreadsheet,database, etc.) (online/offline)
  • Open/restricted model sharing
  • Support for high performance simulation experimentation
  • Provision of plug-in optimisation service
  • Model reuse/composition
  • Model discovery
  • Creation of a class of models (template models) that can be easily tailored to differentsystems
  • Framework for whole system modelling: single enterprise (e.g. a single model of amanufacturing system composed of many sub-models representing sun systems of themanufacturing system).
  • Framework for supply chain modelling: multiple enterprises (e.g. a single model of asupply chain composed of several sub-models that are linked together but hidden).

Overall, however, the key advantage is that SIMUL8 could arguably become the first CSP tobe fully “cloud-based” and generate a range of commercial offerings that a non-cloud-basedversion cannot. These include, for example, the development of the SIMUL8 Cloud (the provision of a one-stop-shop that can be used to build simulation solutions using SIMUL8’s proposed cloud functionality – PaaS), better integration of SIMUL8 with other cloud- or webbased services (SaaS) and on-demand access to reliable cloud-based HPC when greater results accuracy or generation is needed. What is also attractive is the possibility of deploying company-specific SIMUL8 Clouds as part of that enterprise’s Intranet in cases where security/proprietary solutions are required.



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