SIMCASE – Discrete event simulation of welding lines

The SIMCASE experiment will support collaboration throughout material handling or robot simulations along the engineering service chain from engineering companies like the end user INTROSYS to OEMs by bringing workflow support for simulation projects into the Cloud. Data handling, workflow during the simulation study and simulation experiments will be shifted to the Cloud and evaluated along a case study.


Supporting the simulation workflow and simulation experimentation in a cloud-based environment could overcome several of the shortcomings of today’s procedures. Engineers from different companies (e.g. from INTROSYS and Volkswagen) will get the chance to work jointly along one simulation project, its data and the simulation runs. They will be accessing the same data seeing different views according to their personal role and their company’s roles in the project. The non- productive effort related to data transfer will be reduced to almost zero. Communication between the stakeholders will be improved. Virtual machines on HPC resources will be used to accelerate simulation experimentations significantly.

Potential benefits and impact

  • The expectation is that 30% of effort related to data is to be avoided by at least 50%. The overall effort is also decreasing due to a higher integrated, easier to access workflow. The number of simulation runs will at least be doubled exploiting HPC resources and resources in the cloud.
  • Due do the increased analysis capabilities it will become possible to avoid at least 20% additional bottlenecks, based on a more complete and more accurate simulation.
  • The business impact measured in engineering hours for the engineering simulation support and the number of conducted simulation runs is expected as follows. For the concrete case of the underbody line, the target is to reduce engineering hours from 1,100 to 900 by increasing the number of simulation runs at the same time by 50%, i.e. the parallelization possible on a HPC cluster will bring down the perceived time for simulation with yet a higher number of simulations.





SimPlan AG-Germany, Introsys Portugal, University of Kassel-Germany

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