Robot-human hybrid position/force control co-working applications

Manufacturing end-user: Odlewnie Polskie SA, Starachowiche, Poland (OPSA)

Odlewnie Polskie produces annually about 16 thousand tons of cast iron castings within weight of 2 – 100 kg in different configuration and use (approx. 990 different types of castings). Most of the operations in manufacturing process are mechanized and automated. These are automatic molding processing station, automatic molding lines, pouring and shake out operations, automatic core shooters.

The biggest problem for the foundries is to improve the working conditions of the operators. Finishing operations (deburring, trimming, casting separation) are carried out mostly manually causing a serious problem due to the harsh conditions of work, musculoskeletal disorders, local dust, noise and accidents that may occur. Fettling of casting generates high costs in whole casting manufacturing process.

HORSE application will automatize this operation allowing us to make this process faster, more efficient and most importantly will improve working conditions of our workers. This is the biggest challenge for us. Another challenge is to organize the production in the automated manner covering the great variety of our over 900 products. Flexibility, re-configurability and safety are also important. The HORSE application will focus on the production organization for the various products, its direct interface (via OSGI and ROS) to the production agents (human worker and robotic equipment (CEA)) and orchestrating their collaboration, monitoring their safety for the operation of cutting metal castings by handling critical situations.

Challenges addressed:

  • Automation of the casts cutting process, to increase the quality of the final part and flexibility by adopting learning by demonstration and productions processes which allow to re-use the relevant programmed trajectory for each product.
  • Reduced level of defective parts
  • Improved working conditions  and reduce the risk of injury>


  • Learning by demonstration for new castings
  • Automated cutting of metal castings to replace current situation (manual)
  • Ensure safety and comfort of the workers
  • Enabling flexible production for a large number of different castings


  1. Reduced workload on workers
  2. Higher quality and reduced production time of the single cast
  3. Significant improvement of working conditions
  4. Better position on the foundry market thanks to the high technology

Sector/s of Application:

  1. Main Sector of Application: Fettling operations in the production of iron castings.
  2. Potential Sector/s of Application:  HORSE pilot will enable OPSA to bring solution to many other foundries in this very severe environment where manual cutting operations are provided.


Odlewnie Polskie SA (OPSA) ‘