OSICS – Optimisation of the Production Process of Metal Structures using OSICE



The main objective: to enable European SMEs to utilize immense computational power of the Cloud for solving complex optimization problems, regardless of their financial, technological and knowledge level.


MVE will provide data on the technological process, define the broadest set of available resources, define parameters that are subjected to optimization, and criteria for evaluating results.
VDN will integrate these components and develop an easy-to-use application for optimization definition, monitoring and visualization of the results.
FINK will customize PAK input/output modules to comply to CloudiFacturing interfaces and to enable structural analysis within OSICE.
FSUKG will formulate an optimization problem and provide a configurable objective function evaluator that, beyond the evaluation of pallet load capacity, also includes evaluations of production process effectiveness and economic indicators.


MV Engineering GmbH & Co.KG (end-user); Vodena doo Kragujevac (ISV); Faculty of Science, University of Kragujevac (RTO); Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac (RTO); ‘