Challenge: Production inside Devold factory is organized around the ‘bundle’ principle, where a complete batch of garments with their cutouts is transported between work stations, including accessories, like buttons, labels, extra threads, etc. This method is used because traditional linear sewing method is simply not possible to set up.Initial prototype was set up to test an organizing method of delivering work bundles inside a box and that box to be delivered above the head of workers. However, the construction was very heavy and took a lot of space, also it had limited flexibility and delivery platform proved to be not effective.

Solution: Full Scale Cable Robot is developed that will be able to deliver full size and weight boxes (50kg). This testing setup will be used to simulate delivery of boxes as well as autobuffer.

Implementation time: 8 months.

Implementation cost: 244.000€.

Output: Expected is a 10% increase in the rise of product lead-time per product bundle (50 items set) or one garment which would greatly add value for the company in terms of production capacity resulting in same costs, but bigger outputs per same time quota. The complete digitization finally will allow shift managers and production managers to plan and track garment production.

Useable and relevant data will be gathered automatically and performance, use and production statistics will be able to give better insights into currently un-digitized production method.

Impact:  Reduce on transportation time by 20%; a reduced product lead-time by 10%.

Information source: L4MS


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