Multicursor is an intelligent polymerisation quality level sensor driven by cutting edge laser technology and machine learning to provide an on line semi real-time response on curing level and quality of a cured wood/mdf surfaces covered in paint, lacquer or other coatings. The invented sensing technology can be applied to: furniture production, car painting, food production.

Core of the sensor technology integration with smart factory is done on BEinCPPS components like BEinCPPS Open IOT Middleware and BEinCPPS Messaging Services that helps the sensor be an integrated part of the production flow and can provide historical data recordings, on-the-spotactivation and alarming on levels of curing, simple-tresholding quality alarming and sophisticated measuring flows thanks to BEinCPPS CEP for CPPS.

Thisexperiment has been supported under the second open call of BEinCPPS project.



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