Monitoring Environmental Parameters and Human Influence in Forest Areas

Monitoring Environmental Parameters and Human Influence in Forest Areas

Romania, Prahova

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Experiment objective

The objective of the MEPHIFA experiment is to develop a system for monitoring human influence in forest areas, which can also be used to record various environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, light radiation levels, air pressure, etc.

Given the importance of the forest environment in maintaining ecosystems and the way in which the reduction of forested areas due to economic development is already influencing environmental conditions (global warming, extreme weather events and pollution), permanent monitoring of the forest environment by monitoring parameters and human activity in forested areas is a first step towards limiting and possibly creating a reversible mechanism for forest degradation. The system is also useful to achieve a rapid response time to natural disasters (fires, landslides, floods, etc.). The proposed system eliminates human presence by analyzing environmental information and signaling possible environmental events.


Implementation Solution

In order to save energy consumption, reading and primary processing of the signals will be done at certain time intervals (several minutes, for example), while the sensors are in a low consumption state (stand-by). The signals can be stored locally (data logger) and / or sent to a central station that further processes and interprets the results. Sensor networks are made for transmitting data from a sensor array to a data server. Depending on the extent of the monitored surface, data collection may also have aerial support. Thus, data collection can be done with drones. The communication, which represents the most energy intensive operation, will use a limited bandwidth. The network will use minimal energy resources, either by eliminating the communication or by closing the radio link when no communication is needed. The proposed system for detecting and signalling forest changes aims to protect the environment, mainly forests, by timely detection of illegal logging attempts.

The second phase of the project will focus on the analysis, testing and validation of the equipment


Webinar Digital solutions for sustainable local development, October 29, 2021


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