Active Deep Monitoring of Large-Scale Connected Smart Industry 4.0 Services


The adoption of Connected CPPS and IIoT technologies significantly increases the scale at which digital transactions and events need to be monitored to ensure integrity of digital business operations. Industrial Data Space (IDS) reference architecture (RA) and connectors have been recently proposed to ensure trusted data sharing in industrial B2B environments. However, empowering manufacturing SMEs with an active monitoring framework for Industry 4.0 connected services operating on top of B2B digital infrastructure & networks, still remain a challenge.

By using the MIDIH Open Source architecture and big data enablers (Apache Kafka, FIWARE’s Orion Context Broker, FIWARE CEP Sidih, Hadoop and HIVE) combined with the IDS RA and latest TensorFlow algorithms, ENEO has extended the MIDAS cybersecurity event engine embedded in their redBorder open source platform. MIDAS allows protected shopfloor communication chains from third party interference, where a series of “Industry 4.0 business rules” are applied to trigger new events, alarms, or actions to prevent risks associated with smart connected service operations at large scale. The experiment took place at the Innovalia Automotive Intelligence Centre (AIC) MIDIH Teaching Factory, in the Basque Country; with the support from LTU.

MIDAS redBorder Industry 4.0 dashboard – Connected infrastructure real-time activity monitoring heatmap.

Implementation time: 6 months.

Implementation cost: € 86,398 

MIDIH components embedded in the MIDAS cybersecurity event engine blend data from wired & wireless devices activity and scale to millions of flows, logs, events, and users per second from thousands of devices, from single-server to multi-site deployments. MIDAS demonstrated the effectiveness of redBorder intuitive dashboards for non-digital native blue collar workers to visualise and detect vulnerabilities and abnormal use of the network and act consequently.
More in detail, redBorder platform delivered an improvement in number of security incidents mitigated (26%); network infrastructure resilience (15%), network usage performance (7%) and a reduction in false positive generation (12%) and incident resolution reaction time (less than 10 minutes).

The solution developed in this project holds a good commercial perspective – in particular in manufacturing environments -, as security is one of the major concerns of industries to deploy Smart connected solutions for Industry 4.0. The solution is highly exploitable integrated in the Redborder Open Source NTA platform. The rB Life “as a Service” model is particularly well suited for industrial SMEs cybersecurity needs. Furthermore, the active collaboration between ENEO and IDSA to make the solution compatible with the IDS RA will allow Redborder to provide security services to those companies implementing IDS connector technologies.

This epxeriment has been supported under the first open call of MIDIH project. (See experiments in project’s site)


TRIMEK (End user); Innovalia (System Integrator); ENEO (Tech Provider); LTU (RTO) ‘

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