The MD4PROD (Manufacturing Digitisation for Production and Resource Optimisation) experiment – under IS4PROD DIH – targets the challenges of managing Production Scheduling and Logistics in a Precision Engineering Manufacturing SME. The existing paper based system is cumbersome and results in delays by operators in reporting production numbers which has a negative impact on Production Scheduling.

The solution combines barcode scanners and industrial grade touch screen tablets with BEinCPPS components to digitise the operator interaction with the factory Enterprise Resource Planning system. Up-to date production numbers are then available to Production Management, the status of machines and jobs are published throughout the factory and externally using mobile visualisation tools.

Benefits resulting from the project include the ability by Management to react in a timely manner to minimise outages of machines or delays in production activity. A considerable increase in machine productivity per shift has resulted in greater customer satisfaction with a marked improvement in on-time delivery.

This experiment has been supported under the second open call of BEinCPPS project.



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