Main Routing Architecture Optimisation Research Experiment in the CLOUD

Nowadays the product development process in industry is considered the most critical but also the less formalized process. A lot of knowledge and expertise about this process is owned by each single employee involved, but this knowledge is not made available to the company as a whole. The first objective of this experiment is to implement a distributed solution that will allow the formalization of business (tasks, activities, steps, decision gates etc) and simulation processes (data, models, inputs, outputs, etc) and their execution with available simulation tools in a cloud-based High Performance Computing (HPC) environment. This framework will capture the logic and the execution steps to perform the product design tasks. However, such a solution would be of very limited use without a proper licensing and provisioning business model and implementation.

In fact, today’s software licensing and license management technology is either restricting the licensee to its own computing resources thus limiting flexibility to add external cloud-based HPC resources in case of higher computing demand than available locally. Some flexibility may be obtained by extending the current contract with the licenser but at high additional cost for the same basic service.

The innovative product design and license management solutions will be the two key ingredients of this experiment.




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