LASPRO – Laser beam profiler for online characterization of spot properties


The assessment aims at monitoring the IR emission of the weld pool with a repetition rate of 10 kHz. Providing a tool for online detection of process instabilities in laser beam welding is one of the key challenges. Its benefits are received from the implementation of a closed loop control for the laser welding process.


The focal plane arrays (FPA) developed in LASPRO will enable a new level in laser welding performance and reliability. Looking at the automotive industry, every car has roughly 4000 to 5000 welds which affect performance and safety. 20% of them are done by lasers. LASPRO will enable an increase of the share of laser welding by providing monitoring capability and online control.

  • Enable aesthetical welding without the need of a finishing process, generating a good fit into other assemblies without weld seam interference
  • Realise an increase in stiffness, enhancing the safety of cars
  • Enable the reduction of flange heights, saving raw material
  • Optimise speed and productivity

With the LASPRO focal plane array tool it will be possible to support the personnel in assuring quality which results in a decrease of cycle time and an enhancement in productivity. Additionally, the reduction of maintenance activities and a move from scheduled maintenance to maintenance on demand will lead to relevant reductions in production cost and an increase in uptime.