Challenge: Currently, in KULINAARIA, most of the production activities are operated manually, especially the production floor logistics. The transportation and material handling of goods (raw material, WIP and finished products) is one of the key activities (processes) on the production floor and currently there is loss in time and productivity in these processes.

Solution: Kulinaaria intends to explore and adopt the automation possibilities in the production logistics, and they are keen to implement AGVs for the material transportation within the production floor. Since Kulinaaria is willing to implement automated logistics solution and to automate the production floor transportation with the AGVs and workers collaboration, they will use L4MS tools for the experimental study.

Implementation time: 8 months. 

Implementation cost: 244.000€. 

Output: Improvement in the transportation and material handling of goods results in time reduction, and also helps to increase productivity and cut down the workers fatigue.

Impact: 10% reduction of the existing transportation defects; 5% increase of the on-time delivery; 5% increase of the inventory turnover; 10% reduction of the transportation time; 20% reduction of the labour cost.

Information source: L4MS


Kulinaaria OÃœ, Tallinn University of Technology, ITT Group OÃœ ‘

Food, Beverages & Tobacco