Challenge: Currently, manual intra-shopfloor transportations constitute a barrier that holds back the increase in production capacity to accommodate larger orders addressing the continuously growing interest of the market.

Solution: AE will prove the ability of L4MS tools to automate KLEFER’s intra-shopfloor transportations with the collaboration of humans and AGVs. Specifically, currently manually pushed containers with raw materials are transported from the warehouse to the assembly line and it is anticipated that within KLAPPER, this procedure will be automated exploiting AGVs capable of automatically transporting these raw materials.

Implementation time: 8 months. 

Implementation cost: 146.000€.

Output: Within KLAPPER, interconnection and constant situation awareness will be facilitated by integrating advanced Human Machine Interfaces to the forklifts in order to automate these procedures and optimize the use of forklifts within the shopfloor. The target application experiment comprises the construction of a Landing Mechanism which is a basic component for the doors of the elevators built by KLEFFER. 

Impact: 25% reduction of manual labor needed to manipulate the materials today; 5% productivity increase with the usage of AGVs in the shopfloor transportation; 100% reproduction of current landing mechanism manufacturing logistics of KLEFER with the 3D simulator; 80% increase in automation of the transportations in KLEFER’s landing mechanism manufacturing logistics with AGVs and HMI connected forklifts at the virtualized use case.

Information source: L4MS


KLEFER Automatic Lift Doors, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas ‘

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