Innovative Industrial 3D Services

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Experiment description

Innovative Industrial 3D services (II3Ds) is a project in the domain of Smart Factory applying the MIDIH Architecture to the existing Industrial 3D (I3D) product developed and commercialized by the Novitech a.s. The I3D product represents digitalization of processes in industrial company, combines virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to provide guidance for a worker through the process of training and the process of work execution. The worker is trained in VR to get familiar with the manufacturing equipment maintenance process. The same set of data is used in AR to help the worker to execute the work and report the progress in real-time.

Technical impact

II3Ds integrates the FIWARE components (Wirecloud Widget Mashup) to display and visualize on a dashboard the actual status of the execution of workorders by workers in field (data-in-motion / DIM). The information collected during the previous execution (data-in-rest / DIR) of the same workorder are analyzed and visualized by Fiware KNOWAGE.

QR codes detected and identified by Kurento Media Server are used for failsafe identification of the equipment. The recognized QR codes serve two purposes: to verify the position of the worker and to provide for the worker real-time information collected from IoT systems (DIM). In VR mode, the QR codes are represented by hotspots, behind which the same data are available for the worker, as in the AR execution mode.

Economical / Business impact

The main motivation for the experiment was to verify Fiware components to evaluate their future use in I3D. Three topics were selected to cover: data analytics and visualization via BI tool (Knowage); custom data analysis and visualization via customizable dashboard (Wirecloud Widget Mashup); computer vision represented by QR code reading (Kurento Media Server + ZBarFilter).

Two components out of the tested three are going to be used in I3D also in the future. SpagoBI will be provided as a customizable BI tool to analyze data collected by I3D. A potential business opportunity is also to use the tool to create customized reports for clients.

The second component, which is going to be used is Kurento Media Server. The tested scenario proved its usability. The next implementation will include also other filters, e.g. face blur to protect personal data in videos created during work order execution. Our development will focus on KMS also to verify its performance in Remote Assistance as a recording server.

Information source: Midih


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Innovative Industrial 3D Services