HPC Workflow for Simulation and Optimization of Additive Manufacturing for Improving the Production of Gearboxes


Moving from Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) to Additive Manufacturing (AM) requires a precise knowledge about the new key production parameters in order to keep the final quality of the product. Here, simulation tools are a key enabler to ensure the control of the process and, hence, building a well-defined HPC workflow to simulate and optimize AM processes is essential to provide an affordable tool to SMEs, what is the goal of this experiment.

Technical/economic impact

Additive manufacturing simulations are extremely challenging and commercial codes are far from providing the tools needed to “virtualise” the manufacturing process. On the other hand, the accurate simulation of these phenomena is extremely demanding from a computational point of view, especially with regard to the large number of time steps needed to perform a complete simulation of a product. The use of HPC resources by SMEs aiming to improve the design process of additive manufacturing will be mandatory for providing reliable simulations in acceptable time and at an affordable cost. It will imply a simple access to HPC resources and simulation tools for AM SMEs in Europe, that do not have the capacity to invest in their own HPC resources, through a friendly and secure environment and a clearly defined workflow. As a result, SMEs will increase their usage of HPC resources.



STAM – Italy, CIMNE – Spain, CSUC – Spain


Modelling & Simulation

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