HPC cloud-based simulation of box-framed timber beams

Maderas Besteiro, is a Spanish SME. Its principal activities focus on leading-edge timber designs for different structures. Today, the construction market in general and timber in particular is moving towards prefabrication to reduce labour costs and make onsite assembly up to 80% faster. Over the years, timber platform framing has become a popular solution in Northern Europe. However, this structural design has a number of drawbacks, such as low efficiency due to a massive waste of wood, excessive number of joints and large thickness plates to achieve the required insulation. Recently, Maderas Besteiro has focused on an innovative and promising design called box framing. Its advantages include a saving in onsite assembly time, reduction in wood wasted, weight reduction for easier transport and better physical properties. The main objective of this case study is to simulate a box-framed design coupling structural analysis with simulations of soundproofing, underfloor heating, fire resistance and vibration. In order to undertake this case study, a complex multi-physics approach is needed which needs cloud-based HPC to deliver results within the timeframe and accuracy required.



Maderas Besteiro (SP), USC-PEMADE, Gompute

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High-Perfomance Computing

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