High-resolution modelling of magnets and and their production

Magneti is a Slovenian SME which manufactures magnets. In particular, it produces around 25 million rare-earth magnets per year. Magneti’s manufacturing process is currently mainly experience-based, but in some cases it is supported by calculations either using low performance, two-dimensional FEM software or being outsourced to institutions with better software and hardware equipment. The results of calculations are very important for optimizing magnet design and minimizing production costs. In this case study, a cloud-based HPC environment will be developed in which modelling software will be able to compute highly complex models to enable the simulation of the complete production cycle. The objective is to develop a modelling suite leading to higher yields due to a better controlled production process.


Magneti, XLAB, Arctur (Slovenia)

Computer, electronic and optical products

High-Perfomance Computing

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