Global analysis of risers, moorings and flowlines

The objective of this experiment is to adapt one of the main software of Principia “Deeplines” to cloud-based HPC infrastructure and to qualify feasibility of new business models:

  • to improve parallelization of the code to reduce computation time,
  • to allow simultaneous access to file (read only) in order to perform calculations of post-treatments,
  • to enable at the same time several hundreds or thousands of environments to be simulated with combinations of different durations.
  • A user case which analyses the business benefits of the experiment, and proposes a viable commercial model for future production work.

Expected Impacts: This experiment will open new doors for Principia for enlarging its market by offering to its customers through Cloud services new and flexible access to its software portfolio, offers more sophisticated numerical schemes (multi-physic coupling) and consider very large load case metrics to consider (several thousand cases to consider for a given field). Currently such offer is unreachable with the existing HPC facilities owned by Principia.

Based on PRINCIPIA’s and IFP’s experience in risers and hydrodynamics, DeepLines® has been developed to provide engineering and oil companies with an integrated tool to design and optimize their riser, flowline and mooring systems for shallow to deep-water offshore projects. Deeplines is used to-day by engineering companies in the oil and gas sector and in marine renewable energy sector.




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