Fluid dynamics

The scope in this experiment is to deploy the Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) platform TransAT into the cloud to be accessed by a wide range of SMEs dealing with fluid flow and heat transfer simulations for practical engineering problems


A cloud-based solution will allow running cases that cannot be handled on local PC’s. It will be more cost effective since the power will be adapted to the cases and all the indirect costs (support and maintenance for example) will be scaled.

It is expected that the cloud behaves like a supercomputer and allows the user to see a single computer with specified number of cores, memory per node and processor. Concerning the User interface, it’s needed a web based solution that allows the user to build at once its configuration: number of nodes, software licenses, etc. In addtion this experiment will need occasionally access to a very large number of cores (105 to millions). Moreover new business scenarios will follow through a “Simulation as a service” model. This will enlarge at moderate cost the capacity of EUROBIOS to serve its clients. This also will enlarge the licenses sold by ASCOMP.

Fluid dynamics

Manufacturing sectors:

– Energy Related Segment: Nuclear Energy, oil & gas, gas and coal-fired power plants

– Enviroment Sector: Water Technology, natural hazards, pollution dispersion

– Novel Technologies: Micro-fluidics, Medical devices, Bio-fluids and renewable energies (solar and wind)


Involved entities: EuroBios, Ascomp

Eurobios provides Business Intelligence software and services and helps customers improve business processes and make strategic decisions. With more than 10 years experience in solving business problems using the science of complexity, Eurobios delivers simulation and optimisation solutions contributing to strategic and operational performance improvements.

ASCOMP GmbH is a technology development company specialized in the simulation of industrial fluid dynamics and heat & mass transfer, with specific focus on multiphase flow and complex-physics fluids.


Information source: cloudsme-project.eu



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