Fire in the Cloud


The “Fire in the Cloud” experiment will integrate within the CloudFlow platform CYPE-FDS, a state-of-the-art software based on FDS solver for fire simulation using computational Fluid Dynamics techniques (CFD). The fire-safety design of a real shopping center, case proposed by Cottés Group (leader of the project), will be studied in the cloudified tool, focused on showing the great benefits of using Cloud computing in the building design industry for anti-fire mechanism design.

Industrial relevance

The proposed experiment targets the integration of a CFD tool for detailed fire propagation simulation, and the analysis of a safety design mechanism. The “Fire in the Cloud” application experiment has two main objectives:

  1. Accomplish the complete fire safety design of a real shopping centre located in Spain using the CFD tool integrated into CloudFlow. This example has been selected because it includes singular spaces or rooms such as a common atrium, a wooden deck, and it will include all the variety of fire protection mechanisms: sprinklers, smoke curtains, vents, alarms, etc., which can be activated or not through control systems. It is quite complex to define the duration of the fire-safety stage design because it is inherent different for each building. As a reference, in our example it would represent approximately 30% of the total time for the complete building design (structural and facilities).
  2. Integrate a vertical CFD tool platform for detailed fire simulation scenarios for the building design industry into CloudFlow.

Inside the civil engineering or building design industry, the computational resources required for the specific software used in its design (structural calculations, facilities installation, etc.) range from 4 to 8 cores. The fire safety design using CFD tools, with its huge advantage for improving safety, for example by increasing available evacuation time, implies more demanding hardware resources (ranging from 24 to 48 cores) in order to solve several fire scenarios, active and passive systems configurations, etc. However, these HPC hardware resources, not available in workstations, are required only in the period where fire-safety design is developed (1–3 months).

“Fire in the Cloud” will “cloudify” the module CYPE-FDS for dynamic fire simulation (solver, pre and post tools) developed by the consortium ISV (CYPE company), included as a module inside the CYPECAD MEP structural calculation software.





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