EUSMART envisages a highly reconfigurable robotic solution that is applicable in multiple industrial sectors. EUSMART focuses on the development/ customization and deployment of: a) simplified and intuitive robot programming tool using CAD based part features extraction, b) high accuracy visual guidance systems for part identification and robot motion correction, c) adaptive force control framework for sensitive assembly processes, d) robotic tooling for different assembly operations, e) ‘universal layout’ for different applications and f) synchronization and control framework for managing all software and hardware components. The project pilots involve the processing of wax models of aircraft engine blades and the assembly of vacuum cleaners.

The main reasons why SMEs do not adopt robots according to the International Federation of Robotics involve the lack of flexible equipment for dexterous operations and the absence of user friendly programming techniques and interfaces to allow maintenance and operation by non-expert users. In this context EUSMART aspires to overcome these challenges through the following objectives.

  • Objective 1: 3D visual guidance system with high accuracy
  • Objective 2: Intuitive programming tool for highly reconfigurable robot tasks
  • Objective 3: Adaptive force control for sensitive assembly processes
  • Objective 4: Synchronization and control framework

The end user driven tasks come from 2 end users: a) Pins insertion in turbine blades (EMA) and b) Screws insertion on a vacuum cleaner (LOCCIONI). These cases will be evaluated in the same setup demonstrating the universal character of the EUSMART developments.



Loccioni, LMS, Telerobot Labs

Computer, electronic & optical products


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